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Physical fitness and resilience training for school kids

Confident Kids is an age-appropriate physical training programme to build resilience, increase confidence, foster social skills and develop grit. Designed to periodically stretch kids out of their comfort zones, while ensuring they’re still having fun!

After School Programme

Two afternoon sessions per week
Located at College Rifles Boxing Club
33 Haast St, Remuera

School Programme

Two sessions per week to be conducted on school grounds.
All equipment provided. 


Joshua Francis

  • Managing Director and Head Trainer Certified Fitness Trainer
  • Police Back-ground checked and approved.
  • Current first aid certificate
  • Internationally ranked professional boxer

About Joshua Francis

If you had met Joshua as an adolescent, you would have encountered a very different person to the one who exists today. Following a turbulent and insecure childhood, by the time Joshua entered adolescence it’s unlikely he would have looked at you while you were speaking to him – his eyes would have been glued to the floor!


When Josh was 11 years old his parents decided he needed a sport; Josh was adamant that it be boxing. He soon started training and has seen (and felt!) the incredible transformation this has had on him since. Josh has not only grown in confidence, he’s been taken under the wing of Olympic boxing coach, Cameron Todd; won a Golden Glove; turned professional and amassed an impressive professional record under Shane Cameron; and is now a proud business owner – having developed the Confident Kids Programme to change the lives of many more young people.


In Josh’s years of training, competing and teaching other young people, he is most proud of the positive improvement and transformative effect he’s had on people’s lives.



About Confident Kids Programme

The Confident Kids Programme exists to change the lives of our young people.


A study by Resilient Youth Australia found that more than half of Australian students lack the skills to deal with life’s difficulties. 1 in 3 felt as though they were constantly under strain and over 25% were lacking confidence.


Another study found that young people are more resilient at the age of 10 than they are by the time they reach 15… What’s going wrong?


Across the ditch here, we’re not doing much better. 1 in 5 young people in New Zealand will be affected by depression before the age of 18 and almost 1 in 5 will meet the criteria for an anxiety disorder by the time they are 19.


I’ve heard some people describe today’s youth as ‘the fragile generation’. We simply need to do more for our young people. We need to help them develop their resilience – the ability to cope, and even to thrive, in the face of challenges or difficult events.


Resilience leads to a greater sense of purpose or hope for the future, improved problem solving skills, increased feelings of agency and responsibility, and higher self-regard. On the other hand, a lack of resilience interferes with academic progress, social skills and general life skills.



Resilient kids are confident kids – they have grit, determination and healthy attachments. And confident, resilient kids are grown,.. they’re trained. Running for the length of a school term, Confident Kids sessions happen twice weekly and can take place during school hours, after school or at lunchtime. All of the equipment needed is provided – they just need to bring themselves.






Brad Montgomerie 
Auckland International College


Over the last nine months Joshua Francis has been running a self confidence programme with approximately 12 of the students from my school. He has been using boxing training as a way to improve the students’ confidence.

He has not only improved their fitness and confidence in their bodies, but also their self worth. Joshua has been incredibly professional. He is always on time, he is well prepared and he is very knowledgeable. His programme is varied and he knows how to motivate the students but without pushing them to the point where they want to give up. He has developed a great  rapport with the students.

The students were so happy with their progress and Joshua’s coaching that they had no hesitation in requesting him to return the following term to continue his course. I highly recommend Joshua and his programme to any individual or group.


Steve Peach  
Senior Guidance Counsellor

Albany Junior Highschool


Joshua Francis was asked to run a voluntary box fit class at Albany Junior High School. As I have experience with boxing training it was immediately clear to me that Josh was very competent in running a group of people in a creative and capable way. Josh has the ability to customize a safe level of challenge to the class while still showing empathy and care for those who struggled to keep up.

Josh has a personable style of teaching disciplines that make fitness fun and I noticed a definite shift in the fitness and skill levels of the participants during the programme.

I found Joshua to be a humble gracious gentleman, while being a New Zealand Professional Champion in his profession and I recommend him as a competent trainer.


One of Josh’s students – who goes by the nickname ‘Gumboot’ – says:


“I have been doing boxing with Josh for 5 years. It’s helped me to mature and grow as a young adult since starting in year 10. I have gained more confidence in myself and have found it easier to have conversations with people.

Doing training helps me stay mentally healthy and has made me more headstrong. Also having conversations about anything with Josh while training helps me be strong.”




Amy Bryan, the mother of one of Joshua’s students –


“Kyle has grown both physically and mentally since he started boxing. Kyles attitude and outlook towards life and things in general has matured and his physique has also changed to become a fit and healthy young man. The confidence Kyle has gained is going to help with anything kyle pursues in his future to gain many success.”


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Confident Kids is an age-appropriate physical training programme that helps young people to develop resilience.  We are supported by national sporting bodies and as a result, most schools qualify for funding for this programme. If you are interested in finding out more about our funding options, please register below:




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